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The Jibaro



The twinkling black yearning.  An undiscovered dais anticipating the flat-footed print of true-hearted pride and honor.

Impressive the launch site.  Satiny silver with glassy spirals of blinking filament surrounding the virgin skycraft.  Prepped vertical and focused up.

Rocket boosters defrosting, and the bleached smoke swirling, the edgy excitement tingling.  The suspenseful maiden takeoff orgasmic under the dark blue lid of the eventide.

The launch window at 37:75, and following a unique chuleta plot, the synodic period haphazardly calculated.

34.52 meters from nose to boosters, the sophisticated skycraft, named THE JIBARO, was designed by Puerto Rico's favorite son.

The polymath borinqueno, Manus Neco.

Oval-shaped was THE JIBARO.  Jet-black underneath.  A red and white striped design on its fuselage, with an esteemed white star, embraced by a cerulean blue triangle on its nose.

An elegant graffiti-style representation of the artist's passion.

The stage set.

Manus Neco, alone, confidently strides the platform to an ovation of millions.

An eminent debonair gentleman of deep-rooted dignity and loyalty, Manus Neco exalted by the flag-waving borincano people.  His ego humbled by the chants of adulation, tears, and desired lust.

Alluring appeal and sexy charisma, a blessed curse.

His strum of Sol silences the crowd.  A hush of synchronous calmness overtakes the entire island.  A meditative reverie shared.

Manus Neco begins to play his Cuatro.  Uniting the proud flock with his heart, and a merry serenade of Aguinaldos, Plenas, Decimas, Seises, and the definitive sing-a-long of Wonderwall.

An improviso concert.  His divine charm and saintly appraisal, displayed for all to cherish.

The populace intoxicated with adventure and spirited joy, as Manus Neco acknowledges their fond devotion with gratitude.

The enchanting melodies, his gift to them.

He boards THE JIBARO.

Three ....... Two ....... One .......

To the twinkling expanse .......

Manus Neco, The Flat-Footed Astronaut.


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