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Student of the Month interprets us Verde Luz Student of the Month (April)
I present to you Luis Rosario, who studies Puerto Rican Cuatro at from Philadelphia.

We wish to congratulate you on your progress!

Let's stay at home learning what we like to do the most, in our case, practicing the Cuatro. :)
See video of other students:
Aguinaldo Jíbaro
The Flamboyán
Would you like to learn to play Puerto Rican Cuatroo improve your techniques? You are welcome, visit us by pressing the button. We will wait for you!
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Update: The Six

Update to the Sixes section.

  • All the lessons have been updated to a format compatible with tablets, IOS and Android.
  • Shades review
  • Review of all tabs and scores
  • Increased size of the player for better visibility.

The lessons we updated were as follows:

  1. Six Habanero (Basic Level)
  2. Six Tango (Basic Level)
  3. Six Llanera (Intermediate Level)
  4. Six Milonga (Intermediate Level)
  5. Six Araucano (Basic Level)
  6. Six Enramada (Basic Level)
  7. Six Montuno (Intermediate Level)
  8. Boot Camp 1: Six Andean (C) 1 Basic Improvisation Series (FIRST PART)
  9. Boot Camp 1: C Major applied in Andean Six- Basic Improvisation Series (SECOND PART)
  10. Six Marumba (Intermediate Level)
  11. Six Chorreao (5 Variations)
  12. Six Chorreao Ornament # 1 (Licks)
  13. Six Chorreao Ornament # 2 (Licks)
  14. Six Chorreao Ornament # 3 (Licks)
  15. Six Chorreao Ornament # 4 (Licks)
  16. Six Chorreao Ornament # 5 (Licks)
  17. Six Chorreao Ornament # 6 (Licks)
  18. Six Chorreao Ornament # 7 (Licks)
  19. Six Bolero (Intermediate Level)
  20. Six Milonga Campera (Basic Level)
  21. Plain Six (Intermediate Level)
  22. Six Pampero (Basic Level)
  23. Golden Six (Advanced Level)
  24. Six Joropo (Basic Level)
  25. Six Chorreao (Intermediate Level)
  26. Six Bayamonés (Basic Level)
  27. Six Montebello (Intermediate Level)
  28. Six Spanish (Intermediate Level)
  29. Six Milonguero (Intermediate Level)
  30. Six Villarán (Intermediate Level)
  31. Six Mapeyé (Intermediate Level)
  32. Six Celinés (Basic Level)
  33. Andean Six (Intermediate Level)
  34. Six Fajardeño (Basic Level)
  35. Six with Tenth (Intermediate Level)
  36. Six with Tenth II (Basic Level)
  37. Six Guaguancó-Basic Level
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What are Musical Figures?

Lesson: The Musical Figures
The lesson "The Musical Figures" applied to Puerto Rican Cuatro is now available. This lesson was recorded live and moderated by the cuatrista Maribel Delgado.
What's new this week?
New lessons, tabs, sheet music and tracks
This week we will be publishing new tabs, scores and videos. Remember that we have more than 500 lessons and content that you can access unlimitedly.
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